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A Bay Experience

Bad BOI Charters L.L.C.- Owned and Operated by Capt. Mark Rendon.

  Its's not just about fishing but fishing is what I do best. I try to bring you an experience, not just a day of hurry up and fish, but a fun, lasting memory. You may want to fish a half day, then have a friend or companion join you for an afternoon cruise just listening to good music and having a safe drink on the water. Or you may choose to book for fireworks at Moody Gardens. Have a day of chillin at the "Sand Bar" our hidden bay secret party place. Jump from dock side lounges and restaurants in Clear Lake hanging out with a small group of friends. Just name it and we can make it happen. 

You may Possibly want to get your wade gear and head to some of my favorite spots for that chance at a trophy fish. Or boat up and go after several species.

   I have spent a lifetime learning and fishing the Texas Gulf Coast. 

   People visiting our little Island, are often looking for that great fun day that is convenient, stress free, structured for you, and positive. I cater to all walks of life and do my very best to make you feel welcome and confident you made the best choice for your trip.

  I visit with every charter to make sure I totally understand what kind of day or evening you would like. We discuss your experience fishing and how I can best serve you and your guests. There is no trip we cannot make happen from company, corporate, or personal. Let me be your guide to a fond memory of the Texas Gulf Coast and all the beauty it has to offer.

Fresh Fish
Allow Us The Pleasure of Showing You and Your Guests What a Fun and Exciting Day on The Water Can Really Be. Book Today.
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BAD BOI Charters Seasonal Fishing Report

When is the best times to fish? Well that depends on a lot of factors. I try to plan your trip around the highest probability days and times. I use the tide schedules, Solunar feeding schedules, weather conditions, barometric pressure, and availability of bait, mixed with a lot of experience to try and maximize your probability to have a stellar day.


   I have tried to break it down into seasonal categories, So lets start with everyone's favorite time of the year. Summer.


   Well when you say summer in South Texas that can mean 10 out of the 12 months in some cases. But for now lets say, July - September.

   During these months we throw a lot of bait as the fish are schooling quite a bit and are feeding on the small shrimp and croaker in the bay system. For  extra excitement, there is nothing like a big red  or trout slamming a top-water at first light or wet wading the flats for some big trout. These are great months to make that calm day run out to the North or South Jetties as well, where we find the bull reds, sharks, ling, and a wide variety of other species.

   The Fall to winter, October-December which often includes January and February has to be my favorite time of the year to fish. The cooler weather and amazing large trout and flounder are so abundant you are nearly guaranteed to have a day to remember.              The estuaries I cover during these months produce fish that would impress any angler, and these months of year give you your best chance to catch that trophy trout or personal best. 

   As we move into Spring March-May, we start seeing the newly hatched shrimp moving out of the marshes, and we look for the birds and other tell tell signs of schools of many varieties, live shrimp, mullet, and other small bait fish start making their way across the bay. The flounder bite remains very active and the redfish are abundant. The Trout are moving in the channels and drains but often can be found on the sand flats. These are those great top-water days that the action just never ends.

   Each season has a different style and technique to learn and apply. For those inexperienced anglers, I take the time and have the patience to show you the basic techniques and presentations while we fish to get you the action you long to experience. For the more experienced anglers, I offer very specially designed packages for trophy trout, wade, and site fishing. These days are open to all as well and I provide the best gear and tackle to give you the best chances at giving you the bite of a lifetime. 

   Regardless of the time of year, I am sure we can offer a trip that you will never forget.



Our season never ends at Bad BOI Charters L.L.C..

Very Kindest Regards & Great Memories

Capt. Mark Rendon

Bad BOI Charters LLC

USCG 100 Ton licensed master

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